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Advertising Special:

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 Website Advertising Program:

 It is important for the Chamber to continuously keep up with the times and technology.  We are making sure we interconnect our website, newsletter and social media so we can provide our members with up to the minute information and a great amount of exposure and promotion.

 Our major sponsors will be given advertising space on our home page with links to their individual websites as part of their sponsorship package.

  All other advertising will be set up on the Chamber Visitor Info Page, Business Info Page, and Chamber Info Page, with 5 slots dedicated on each page. Slots will be added as needed and as demand grows.

  The following fees are suggested:

  $50 per month for a minimum of three (3) months                      $150

  Save $50 on six (6) months                                                      $250

 Save $75 on nine (9) months                                                     $375

 Save $100 on twelve (12) months                                               $500

 Internally, we are driving visitors to our website in every possible way we can.  Since Oct 24, 2011, the hits to our website are averaging nearly 1000 per month and increasing.  Another key statistic is when people visit our sight, 89% are staying on our site for up to 10 minutes. These visits have generated 11,500 page views.

 Now that we have made our website a priority, we will continue to enhance it, direct people to it and add features.  We will be adding QR codes to all our advertising and events that will take people directly to specific locations on our site.

 We encourage you to take advantage of our advertising campaign and help make our website bigger and better.  It’s another way for the Chamber to promote our business members.

 Newsletter Advertising:

 As the Chamber grows, so does our Newsletter.  Currently, we have an email list of over 1000 individuals.  Our Newsletter is sent directly via email and is also posted on our website, facebook and twitter.  The Chamber Newsletter provides current information on all the different events and issues in which the Chamber is involved.  It provides a look back at the most recent networking events such as Business After Hours, Ribbon Cuttings and Educational Workshops. And it lets you know well in advance of coming events that you should attend.  Wouldn’t you like to take advantage of reaching new customers and networking with colleagues?

 The following fees are suggested: 

 $50 per month for a minimum of three (3) months                 $150

Save $50 on six (6) months                                                  $250

Save $75 on nine (9) months                                                $375

Save $100 on twelve (12) months                                          $500

Train Station Big Screen TV Advertising

 Place your Ad on our40x50 BIG SCREEN TV! It’s located in the Saco Train Station Lobby.

$150.00 — for 3 months –minimum purchase

$500.00 for the year (savings of $100)      

 Your Ad will: 

  • Run between 15-30 seconds
  • Be seen between  5:30 a.m.- 8:30 p.m. 7 days a week
  • Be viewed by over 40,000 passengers and visitors per year.

This is another great opportunity to expose your business to a travel community.  Recent reports from Amtrak state that the DownEaster has exceeded all expectations and had another record breaking year of ridership. 

 The Saco Train Station serves students from University of New England and University College. It is a popular community building with tables occupied with card players, cribbage players and business people who take advantage of our FREE wi-fi.

Ads may not have audio. We play soft music in the background to lure people to sit and relax.  Your business ad could be the first thing they see when they get off the train.  We’ll even help you with the ad design.  Give us a call and get your business in front of a growing group of consumers.

Special Offer:

Buy all three advertising opportunities for one low price of $1250 for one year.  That’s an additional $250 savings off already ridiculously low prices.  Starting September 1, we will offer this rate to members only.  Our members are important and if your business is doing well –the Chamber will do well.  Take advantage of this offer now.  Call the Chamber at 207-282-1567 or email us at


Advertise in the Community Resources Directory and Tourist Guide.     

It includes information on Dining, Real Estate, Tourism and Shopping, as well as, services to businesses and non-profit organizations.  It’s a great way to reach your target customer base.   The Community Resource Directory is the must-have directory for the Biddeford-Saco Region, providing helpful data for anyone who is seeking information and resources about the region and our member businesses.   It also includes sections on health care, education, business and industry, sources of supply, transportation, weather, culture and history, arts and entertainment, and recreation.   Most important, it includes a complete business listing of all Chamber members, by industry, creating a “yellow pages” of our members for everyone who receives the directory. 

The Community Resource Directory will be distributed throughout the community, at libraries, town offices, in our Relocation Package, and by mail to all individuals who request general information about the region.  We also distribute over 8000 to trade shows happening between Canada and Pennsylvania that promote tourism into our area.  In all, 20,000 copies are distributed.

We will be contacting our members to see if you are interested in advertising or call 282-1567 to set up an appointment


Premium Pages                 Member:                   Non-Member

Center Spread: 11.25" x 8.75"         $3,000                               $4,000

Back Cover:                                    $3,000                               $4,000

Inside Front / Back                          $2,500                               $3,500


Standard Placement             Member:                    Non-Member

Full Page: 5.625" x 8.75"                $1,350                               $2,050

1/2 Page H: 4.625" x 3.75"             $850                                  $1,350     

1/4 Page V: 2.25" x 3.75"               $550                                  $850

1/4 Page H: 4.625" x 1.75              $550                                  $850

Ad Placement: Positition of all advertisements is a discretion of the Chamber.  Requests will be considered but not guaranteed. 

Ad Copy: All camera ready advertisements should be sent as a high resolution CMYK PDF files to

For more information contact: Cristina Forsyth 207-370-5038. or



Place Your Ad On Our40x50 WIDE SCREEN TV!

 Located in the Saco Train Station Lobby

$150.00 — for 3 months

$500.00 for the year (savings of $100)      


Your Ad will: 

  • Run between 15-30 seconds
  • Be seen between  5:30 a.m.- 8:30 p.m. 7 days a week
  • Be viewed by over 40,000 passengers and visitors per year

Call the Chamber @ 282-1567 for more details



Our Monthly e-newsletter


CALL 282-1567




Annual Golf Tournament

The Annual Golf tournament always takes place the 1st Tuesday in June and always at one of our local golf courses.

Sponsorships: These include team sponsors; hole sponsors; gift packages to players (a great way to advertise with free samples), Hole-in-One sponsors, Closest to the Pin, (men and women), and Longest Drive, (men and women).

Call the Chamber at 207-282-1567 and we will gladly send you a sponsorship form