About The Area

Brand Statement

We are water and land. Our history is tied to our river, the ocean and the striking landscape that surrounds it. It is the connection of water and land that gave birth to both of our cities.

We are historic mills and high tech industry. We grew as a place where one of the largest factory complexes in the nation became the very center of our two cities and our products blanketed the earth. Today, we continue to thrive as a place where innovative businesses create cutting edge products that even journey beyond the bounds of this planet to explore other worlds.

We are fertile farms and bountiful seas. We are a place where rural landscapes provide food for our people, a place where the day’s fresh catch is served up in classic New England style. These landscapes and rocky beaches provide us recreation beyond compare and sanctuary from the day-to-day rigors of life.

We are village shops and city streets where charming stores and dining spots blend with historic sites and homes. Our downtowns are where traditional businesses seamlessly intermingle with eclectic dining, exciting galleries, and entrepreneurs.

We are rich traditions and innovative achievements. We treasure our schools and our institutions of higher learning. We are deep family roots and a rich cultural background yet we welcome new people and ideas just as we have opened our arms to people from all over the world. We are two cities that form a complete community.

We are rushing falls, connecting bridges, stunning views, and rich histories. We are connected in many ways yet we remain distinct communities.

We are Biddeford and Saco, Saco and Biddeford: One dynamic place, no matter how you say it.

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