• Hotel Operations Specialist

  • Alouette Beach Resort
    Job Description
    General: This job requires an applicant eager to work in a four season hotel setting. The job requires good technical abilities with HTML based IT systems, with some experience with program coding, but at a level where the applicant can perform “in house” maintenance and updates with the occasional assistance of outside technical support. The hotel utilizes a reservation management system (RMS) called RezStream Cloud and its web site is hosted also by RezStream. There is technical support provided by Rezstream.
    This applicant will be part of the general hotel operations team and be the principal in house person dealing with IT issues, inputting and updating of data, executing new and novel marketing ideas through our web site and social media platforms and also operating as a front desk associate. The hours are flexible and we are looking for an all year commitment with either full or part time hours available to the right candidate.
    Specific skill set:
    Understand and maintain the hotel reservation management system, RezStream, a cloud based system.
    • Applicant will be expected to input changes to room descriptions, letter formats, pricing data and other related changes to the RMS to improve its function in regards to hotel operations.
    • Applicant will be expected to interact with RezStream technical support to resolve technical issues regarding the RMS.
    • Experience with similar scheduling programs must be demonstrated.
    Understand and maintain the hotel web site.
    • Applicant will be expected to input changes and update text, photos, pricing and graphics internal to the web site.
    • Applicant will be expected to work closely with Revenue Manager to keep pricing current.
    • Experience with HTML based web site maintenance required.
    Monitor and administer the hotel social media to maintain a current and dynamic profile for the hotel. This will include providing new and updated content and information, maintaining current and timely correspondence and interest for persons following this media.
    • Applicant will be expected to assist with creating and implementing social media marketing stratagem to maximize the utility of our hotel social media platforms to increase customer interest and revenue.
    • Experience required.
    Understand and maintain hotel interaction with On Line Travel Agents (OTA’s), such as Expedia and Booking.com.
    • Applicant will work closely with Revenue Manager to keep current hotel availability and pricing with our OTA partners.
    • No experience required.
    Perform general front desk functions, including processing incoming guests, customer service and problem solving, and reservation sales.
    • Applicant will learn the process of greeting guests, checking guests in to the hotel, advising guests of our hotel services and facilities and solving guest issues as they arise.
    • Applicant will have an in depth understanding of our room inventory and be conversant in the attributes of each type of accommodation in regards to sales, such that the applicant can fit prospective guests with appropriate accommodations.
    • Customer service experience preferred, but not required.
    Job Types: Full-time, Part-time
    Salary: $17.00 - $19.00 per hour
    • Day shift
    • Evening shift
    • Monday to Friday
    • Weekend availability
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