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    For 90 years, the Biddeford+Saco Chamber has served as an integral part of what makes our community a great place to visit, live and work.

    Our strategies, programs and services are created specifically to foster growth and prosperity to our more than 400 members, stakeholders and regional partners.

    Mission Statement

    The Biddeford+Saco Chamber of Commerce+Industry, Inc. is a nonprofit 501c6 trade association organized to advance and promote commercial and industrial prosperity as well as the civic, cultural and educational interests of the communities it serves.


    The Biddeford Saco Chamber of Commerce was incorporated on Oct. 6, 1927 during an era of dramatic social and political change. The nation’s wealth had doubled and its urban areas were thriving.

    The chamber began as an organization for merchants, craftsmen and industrialist to discuss issues facing the business community anchored by the Mills. It was quickly challenged with the Crash of 1929, but persevered. It has continued to overcome challenges and adapt to the changing times with out swaying from its mission to foster business growth.

    The name also transitioned through the years. Early on leaders added “& Industry” to better reflect the region’s strong industrial manufacturing base. Then in 2013, a branding effort added the plus (+) signs to better reflect the strategic bond between the cities.

    Biddeford+Saco Chamber of Commerce+Industry recently expanded its efforts to embrace a regional approach by reaching out to nearby communities to interconnect the Biddeford+Saco region as an economic center for York County. 

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