• Board of Directors

  • Executive Committee

  • Stephen St. Cyr
    Stephen St. Cyr & Associates

  • Scot Arthur
    Second Vice Chair
    Avalon Advisory

  • Scott Gillespie
    First Vice Chair
    Saco Sports and Fitness

  • Peter Scontras
    Way Way Store

  • Scot Arthur
    Avalon Advisory

  • Board of Directors

  • Eric Green
    PeoplesChoice Credit Union

  • Devin Hamilton
    Journal Tribune

  • Mike Campbell
    Kasprzak Insurance

  • Lori Cote
    Southern Maine Health Care

  • James Bennett
    Biddeford City Manager
    Mayoral Appointee

  • Mark Nahorney
    City Theater

  • Emily Cromwell
    River Drive Cooperage and Millwork

  • Jennifer Hayes

  • Daniel Philbrick
    University College at Saco

  • Martson Lovell
    City of Saco Mayor

  • Dawn Self-Cooper
    Career Center
  • Peter Schroeter
    Shaheen & Gordon
  • Bridget Conley
    Hampton Inn

  • Alan Casavant
    City of Biddeford Mayor

  • Marshall Archer
    Saco City Councilor
    Mayoral Appointee